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Downtown Suttons Bay in the Historic Hose House Building.



Wren offers a simple yet ever-changing menu built upon the best products that Northern Michigan has to offer. The cuisine can best be described as comfort food.


Wren cultivates an experience that not only showcases Northern Michigan at its best, but also focuses on supporting environmentally responsible and sustainable farming methods. 


The restaurant offers a casual and a genuinely unique, upscale dining experience. Wren offers cuisine created with passion and curated from quality sources.



Truth. Purpose. Ingredients.


Truth - Food has no bias. The end result of a dish relies solely upon the quality of the ingredients that you started with, and what you did, or did not do, to those ingredients.  


Purpose - It gives me a reason to fight the good fight. Supporting sustainable farming practices and, more importantly, not supporting unsustainable farming practices, is beneficial to the environment. We all live in this environment, support it.


Ingredients - Designing a menu around local and sustainably sourced ingredients is my way of reminding guests, and my cooks, that creating a dish that is based upon where you are makes you appreciate each bite a little bit more. 

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