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Chef Adam

Adam grew up in the Metro Detroit area taking his first job at 14 years old in an Italian butcher shop and grocery store where he worked throughout high school. While attending Western Michigan University he worked as a dishwasher and cook in a small café.


Gradually he started working more and going to class less. He then bought a motorcycle and traveled throughout the southern United States, cooking along the way, until he arrived in San Diego, CA.


Eventually he landed a job at a small restaurant owned and operated by a Frenchman from the Loire Valley. This is where Adam found a style of cooking that suited him. Simple and clean, rustic yet precise.



The menu is designed around utilizing what I can find locally and sometimes I don’t even know what will be on the menu until the day of. 


It encourages me to be creative and work around what I can find locally. It’s all about flexibility.


Throughout my experience as a chef I have found that you obtain a much better result when you use what is available to you at the time and place that you are in.


What you are serving should represent when and where you are.

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